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Interview with mongolian rikishi Koryu (May 2008)

(by Harumi Hotta und Martina Lunau)



When did you decide to become a sumo wrestler?

I had never wished to become a rikishi.  When I was 16 years old - it was in the year  2000, I think - there was a sumo trial in Mongolia.  Hakkaku Oyakata and Hanakago Oyakata came to Mongolia to recruit sumo wrestlers.  My mother heard about the trial somewhere and ordered me to go in for it.  I resisted her, but on the same day, my father also pushed me to take it.  So I decided to take it anyway, otherwise my parents would keep asking me forever. 

I thought I wouldn't pass it anyway, because I had never done even Mongolian sumo, and because I heard that only two out of 120 candidates would be selected. 

However, I passed the trial ...  Hoshihikari and Hoshizakura were selected at the same time.


What was your first impression of Japan? 

It was hot!  When I got off the plane, it was very hot and humid.  This was my first impression.


How have you been getting used to your life in Japan? Was it easy? 

No, it was not so easy to get used to life in Japan because I couldn't speak any Japanese.  I couldn't make any conversation with other wrestlers, so I often telephoned my parents! Now, I don't have any problem.



What is your daily routine? 

I get up at 6:30AM.  Soon I start doing keiko.  I eat lunch and take a nap.

In the evening, I go out with my friends.  Time passes so quickly. 


What sports did you do before ?

Motocross and basket ball ...


Who is and/or was your ideal rikishi?

I liked rikishi such as Kotonishiki-zeki whose sumo was speedy.

I also like the sumo of Asashoryu-zeki.


Do you often go to degeiko? 

Yes, I do.  I do keiko in my own heya (Hanakago-beya) for a while after each basho, then I do my keiko at other heyas near my heya, such as Hakkaku-beya and Izutsu-beya. 


What is your favourite technique? 

My sumo is Tsuki-oshi.




What is your hobby? 

I like to sing songs.  I sing any songs.  I also listen to music as well- I like Japanese pop.


What is your favourite food and drink? 

I like ... just water ...  I drink alcohol as well.  I am usually OK with any food!

I especially like beef.  I don't like cream-stew ... (laughs) 


How did you feel about your results in the past two bashos (Hatsu and Haru 08)?ã‚‚ 

I was almost promoted to Makuuchi, but I couldn't win one more bout.  In the next basho, I didn't do my sumo at all.  However, in the meantime, I studied sumo, did much more keiko, and I made myself stronger.  I think I could be ready for Makuuchi. 


Maybe you will be promoted to Makuuchi at the next basho probably with Kimurayama-zeki and Tamawashi-zeki. 

Well, I hope so, but it depends on what kind of results I can achieve for the remaining four days of this basho.  This basho is not finished yet ... 


Could you say something to your fans all over the world? 

I think most of you watch sumo through the Internet.  Thank you very much for your support.